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Phillicia Hawkins, DPT – Owner

Phillicia received her doctorate degree in physical therapy at Langston University in Langton, OK
in 2008.  She has experience working in acute care, inpatient rehab, and extensive experience in
the outpatient setting.  Phillicia has worked with patients pre and post-surgery, patients with
neurological and orthopedic impairments, aquatic therapy, and has advanced training and
experience with amputations and sports rehab.  She has also worked closely with fireman, city
workers, and the military repairing them for the full return to work after injury or loss of limbs.
Phillicia follows a philosophy of treating each patient with a whole-body approach looking at all
aspects of their life, to include, societal, and environmental factors, that may affect their health
and disability that they are currently experiencing.  She has experience with manual therapy
and MDT techniques to treat neck, back, and extremity problems and has attended ongoing
professional continuing education courses to stay advanced on new technologies and
advancements in the field, such as dry needling, kinesiology taping, and cupping.  Phillicia is
from Oklahoma City, OK and a mother of two.  She loves to spend her time taking new
adventures with her kids, laughing with friends and family, and watching football/basketball
any chance she gets.   Phillicia has a passion for helping people improve their overall health and
quality of life and volunteers whenever she can with church and community activities.

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Matthew Clark – PA-CEducation: Physician Assistant Certified, Degree, University of Washington School of Medicine.

Matthew clark is a board-certified physician assistant with over 20 years of experience in the
field of medicine. Mr. Clark has practiced in a variety of hospital and clinic settings that
predominately included level i trauma centers. Prior to joining bodyworx healthplex, mr. Clark
provided care at some of the worlds most renowned institutions such as ucsf, the mayo clinic
hospital, and harborview medical center just to name a few. Mr. Clark has assisted with major
and minor neurosurgical procedures in the operating room just to add another facet to his
physician assistant career.

Mr. Clark is a courteous professional, who is driven to build caring, strong, trustworthy,
respectful relationships with each client he encounters, as well as those throughout the
community that he serves. This drive is because mr. Clarks philosophy is that every client is
unique and special and deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and with the highest level
of care through a mutual partnership. Mr. Clark has a passion for those who have carried the
torch and served our country to secure our freedom. This is also reflected in his pride of being
spiritually grounded that is additionally reverberated in his statement in what makes him most
proud professionally, which is being able to help another person. Mr. Clark enjoys volunteering
at the local missions, soup kitchens, and other areas where there is a need. In his leisure time
mr. Clark enjoys going to exotic car shows and the gym, the arts, and swing dance.

Special interest: preventive healthcare measures: education in health and fitness, exercise,
conscious weight reduction, body mechanics, and self-awareness. 

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Loretta Clark - Veteran Services Coordinator

Loretta is our front office specialist, she relocated to Texas from Arizona.
Since moving to Texas Loretta has worked in a Neuro-Science Institute at a Level 1 Trauma
center. She recently spent 9 years working with a Veteran agency traveling throughout the
country helping providers and veterans navigate the C & P exam process. Loretta finds working
with the Veteran community enjoyable and rewarding. In her spare time, she enjoys reading,
dancing, listening to music and a good joke.

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Bodyworx Healthplex believes that every patient is different and requires individualized treatments. Our highly trained service providers will give you their undivided attention in our one-on-one sessions to comprise your comprehensive personalized plan. Our clinic is privately owned and comes fully equipped with a transitional gym with the latest equipment. We service all patients across the spectrum, regardless of age, injury, or physical fitness.

Our goal is to help you heal from any injury, learn how to prevent future injuries, and provide relief from pain through our custom treatment plans. Prepare to embark on the road to recovery with Bodyworx Healthplex.

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